SIEGE OF ATHLONE 1691 WITH DUTCH & FRENCH NARRATIVE limited 2020 edition lithograph

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This is our limited edition lithograph taken from the original engraving with narrative in Dutch and French effected in Holland following the victory of William of Orange over the French and Irish soldiery besieged at Athlone in 1691. It followed what was then the most ferocious artillery bombardment ever known. The accompanying narrative indicates the main battle positions and events. An edition is also available without those  narratives but as consequence a larger graphic and a narrative inserted in English translation and a . An edition is also available with a more concentrated scene from the battle and hand coloured an taken from our original also by Johanna Tangena at Leyden in Holland in 1691.

Media :  Museum quality archival acid free 210 gsm 

Edition: Sonna Arts  limited edition 18.00x 12.5 ins

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