THE SECOND SIEGE OF ATHLONE 1691 limited edition lithograph

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JOHANNES TANGENA                                                                                           

“ THE TAKING OF ATHLONE “                                                                             


Johannes Tangena  engraved

works  at Leyden in the Netherlands.

We are of opinion that the battle scene

is an etching of an original

work by his contemporaneous

compatriot Romeyn de Hooghe

(1645-1708) a propagandist  for

William of Orange (King William III)


Museum quality  210 gsm                                                                                                                            

Archival acid free matting                                                                                                                            

Pre matted ready for immediate

framing in standard size 40 x 50 cm.


SonnaArts 40 x 50 cm,                                                                                                                                                                                                            

limited edition of the original,

hand checked  and             

individually numbered


Description in German( translation will be supplied) of the progressof the Siege                         

  1    Irish Athlone                        5   New Fortifications            10 Dragoons walkway               15 Irish Musketeers                                    A  Camp                                       F  Stronghold

   2   English Athlone                   6   Townhall                             11 Castle                                          and pursuers                           B First Assault                          G Approaches

   3   Church  bell heralds           7    Harbour                                12 Magazine                                16 Windmill taken                     C  Siege                                        H Irish Battery

         start of the assault              8   River                                                      13 Killnore Door                             in the assault                          D Capture of the Bridge               overwhelmed

   4   Kilschap Door                      9   Fortress                                14 Outer Defences                                                                           E  Irish retreat                               by the English