French Civil and Military Intelligence Map of Ireland 1708

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Limited Edition Lithograph FULL SIZE of Carte du Government Civil et Militaire  Avec L'Etat Des Officers Du Royaume  d"Ireland. 1705 or 1708

 A fine limited edition print of a delicate hand coloured informational engraving compiled and published by the Chatelains, a Huguenot  family of Parisian origin ( Henry Abraham Chatelain, his brother Zachary Jnr and their father Zacherie Snr) - unique for its time- concisely outlining in depth on one large folio sheet all the gathered information on the status of military resources and political controls in Ireland- invaluable to France in a time of continuous planned invasion.

The original of this limited edition is so very masterfully and delicately engraved and hand coloured that it has enabled  superb professional reproduction at not alone the original dimensions of 14.5 x 18.5 inches ( 36.8 cm x 47 cm)  but also, on the advice of the printing house and following testing, a superb rendition at 29.5 x 20.5 ins  ( 74  x 52 cm)  permitting more detailed observation of the great detail of information and graphics set forth in the work, the original having been more limited in size because of the great cost of fine copper engraving.

Unless otherwise requested the size chosen is at the superb rendition of 29.5 x 20.5 ins  ( 74  x 52 cm) including surround and  effected on archival pigment Cottonhouse rag fine art paper.

Author : Family of Pastor Henry Abraham Chatelin 

Medium: Archival pigment print on Copperhouse cotton rag paper

Published: Chatelin Chatelin Freres Amsterdam 1705 - 1708 

Subject: Plan of the civil and military governance of the Kingdom of Ireland giving the following information: 

Detailed map and schedule of Irish towns in which strongholds or barracks have been set up for ordering military affairs

Detailed map and schedule of Irish towns in which are located the locations offices for the distribution of state accumulated funds

Hand Coloured engraving of the Irish House of Commons (only known such item - it having been demolished subsequently to enable construction of a banking hall

Hand Coloured engraving of the Irish House of Lords 

Hand Coloured engraving of the coat of arms of Great Britain

Hand Coloured engraving of the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Ireland

The detailed organisation and personnel at the head of military government

The detailed organisation of the civil government including:

Details of officers of the State 

The organisation and personnel of the Court of the Exchequer

The officers of the Court of the Queen's Bank

The officers of the Court of Common Please

The annual cost of paying the State's officers

The particularised cost of the defence of the state as of 1704

Details of the officers in control of the Artillery

General observations on the cavalry, infantry and Dublin.

Information on the  negligence of the controlling state towards the people and its effect on their political attitude.

Dimensions including surround: 29.5 x 20.5 ins  ( 74  x 52 cm) 

Quality: Copperhouse-archival pigment fine art paper


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