Plate 1 of the folio Documents Decoratifs by Alphonse Mucha special limited edition 2017

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Alphonse Mucha

New Print of Plate 1 of  Alphonse Mucha's folio Documents Decoratifs

Year of Original: 1902
Author: Alphonse Mucha
Medium: Coloured special print of an original 1902 lithograph on best archival paper
Subject: Ladies as artist, artist's model, ladies and sunflowers 
Dimensions : 30 x 42 cm (11.811 ins x 16.5354 ins)   unmounted 

Quality: Museum quality print effected from the original on request
Condition: New and Excellent

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(1) Original Publisher: Librairie Centrale des Beaux Arts, Paris 1902

(2) Anna Dvorak writing  in the Dover Publications "Mucha's Figures Decoratives" ISBN  0 486 24234 X considers Alphonse Mucha's decorative panels as a landmark of the Art Nouveau Movement combining originality of invention, energy and flawless draftsmanship, exemplifying Mucha's profound knowledge  of his craft  and his ability to impart his knowledge to his students in Paris, New York and the Chicago Art Institute.

She writes in her inimitable way " The ideal proportions of the bodies, the harmony between the movement of the head,lmbs and drapery, the sense of balance inherent in each pose reveal the essential laws that govern nature" 



Alphonse Maria Mucha was an artistic graphic genius and the effective founder of the Art Nouveau movement.

He was very famous.

At the age of 4 he started drawing on everything in sight with a crayon, which was hung, around his neck.

The onset of the barbarity of first world war and the Great Depression unfortunately caused humanity to question the usefulness of the positiveness of the Art Nouveau age – an age of circles and infinity and slowly people moved out through art deco to the new era of squares and angles and totalitarianism.

Born in Ivancice, Czech in 1860 he died there in 1939 shortly after a visit from the Nazis and “interrogation” at the “Cinema” in Prague where many less fortunate suspects were bludgeoned to death.

He resided, studied, worked and taught betimes in Brno, Prague, Vienna, Paris, New York, and Chicago.

He thoroughly loved his homeland and devised so many illustrations for the newly emergent nation from stamps, to currency to police officers helmets to stained glass windows, posters for good causes, historic panoramas and interiors of public buildings

Mucha produced 2 folios of artistic ideas Documents Decoratifs and subsequently Figures Decoratives.