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Replica $5 Fenian Bond issued in U.S.A. depicting  on the left side Ireland in the form of a maiden with her wolfhound – she indicating the light of freedom  on an ancient Irish round tower to the veteran as he stoops for his armaments and on the right a portrait of the beloved Irish Protestant patriot Theobald Wolfe Tone sentenced to death following the 1798 Rebellion.

Artist Cartographer Designer  : Unknown

New Print  of a $5 Bond issued by  John O’Mahony’s Fenian Brotherhood in the United States of America to help fund revolution in Ireland and the 1867 disruptive invasions of  Canada in pursuit of Irish freedom.

Medium   Coloured special print on  Museum Quality Copperhouse paper charcoal float mounted  and where framed minibox black open grain obeshi wood frame with perspex window.

Subject   The Bond as stated on its face was repayable six months after the acknowledgment of the indpendence of the Irish Nation.  The Fenians mobilised thosands of American Civil War veterans who wished to act for Ireland in accordance with the principles of the French and American revolutions. The U.S. government was sympathetic to “the cause”  especially in the light of  British assistance to the Confederacy. The successors to the Fenians proclaimed the Irish Republic during the revolution of 1916 and in 1949 some few years after the War of Independence and the Civil War the Republic of Ireland was formally proclaimed though still in fact without the six northern counties whose star emblems are part of the Fenian Revolutionary Flag. The Bonds were honoured by the Republic of Ireland.

Condition    New and Excellent

Dimensions    Bond:  8.5 x 3.65 ins

                         Matt:  12.75 x 3.75 ins

                         Frame 13.5   x 8 ins

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USA Price $   Matted   $55

                       Framed  $95