1) Art Nouveau of Alphonse Mucha- Around the year 2000 I saw online the Mucha graphic used in the Sonna Arts Banner and it felt like a flame going through me. I had had no great interest in art and was unaware of Art Nouveau there being little of it in Ireland due to our historical circumstances [ though we have the most delightful electric lamp post designs and the works of the great

Jim Fitzpatrick

and of course

Harry Clarke

The internet was just underway and I spent night years searching out and acquiring many of Mucha's graphic works. In this venture I was galvanised by meeting and the kindness help and curtesy of Anna Dvorak, Pavel Nosek and descendant members of the artist's family. Subsequently I got back to real work as they call it and over the years have always wanted to be in a position to make available at a fair price, as per Mucha's philosophy, fine quality limited editions of those of his works acquired over the years. Following illness and thankful recovery that mission is now very much for real and here and now.

As time and money permits the intention is to make available highest quality limited lithographic editions of many of his works to which we have access and at a reasonable costs as he would have liked. Some of these works are not generally known.

To this end I am very grateful for the encouragement, assistance and marvellous professionalism of  Mark and Sarah the industrious folk at Copperhouse Gallery

and Dan Scully

who set me on the right path

and to folk at National Library of Ireland who so greatly assisted in conservation of the Gismonda Programme

-much thanks to some early mentors including Pavel Nosek and his phenomenal work in codifying Mucha's graphic works ( See Alphonse Mucha Books and Periodicals at the superb Mucha website of

and to

the the indomitable Anna Dvorak ( See Alphonse Mucha The Complete Graphic Works from Harmony Books New York and in particular Anna's Illustrations for Books and Periodicals therein)

and to

my long time friend and mentor Declan Corrigan of

(2) Art Nouveau 

(3) Celtic Art - In the category  Celtic Art we will make available graphics which are closely akin to Art Nouveau. Celtic Art being the basis of much Art Nouveau -Indeed there is a young lady in Prague one of Mucha's descendants who engrossed herself in Irish music - a fact that reminds one so of that famous image of himself and Gaugin hammering on "the piano" in the Paris Apartment before the latter was I understand financially aided from the contents of Mucha's kitchen dresser to make his way to the South Seas. There will also be items to do with Ireland generally.

(4) Other Art Antiques and Collectables- we loved finding these over the years and still do


I hope you enjoy and find the effort useful to you and would very much welcome your assistance through suggestions you may have

Thank you