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Artist J.C. Leyendecker

New Print  of an exquisite  rendition of the famous warrior queen Maeve (Medb) 

Medium Coloured special print  on museum quality Copperhouse paper

Size circa 325 x 225 mm exclusive of borders

Condition New and Excellent

Postage worlwide postage and packaging included in the price


 This is a limited edition fine rendition of  the painting effected by J.C. Leyendecker  to accompany the publication by Scots-Irish President Teddy Roosevelt of the President’s 1907 essay on Irish  Celtic Sagas. 

A painting  of Maeve’s  nemises the Irish hero Cuchulainn (the hound of Cu) , the mortal enemy of Maeve, was also rendered by the brilliant Leyendecker.

Queen Maeve ( “she who intoxictes”  ) was the magnate of the western kingdom of Connacht. Cuchulainn  thwarted her ambitions during the battle known as the Cattle Raid of Cooley (Táin Bó Cúailnge) - an attempt to steal the finest breeding bull in Ulster.

Maeve was described as a fair haired wolf queen whose form was so beautiful that it robbed men of two thirds of their vlaour.

President Roosevelt kept himself well informed of the resurgance of Irish culture during this period known as the Celtic Revival.

In the article The Ancient Irish Sagas published by The Century Magazine in January1907 the President described Maeve as a warrior queen “brave and beautiful with her white face and yellow hair, terrible in her battle chariot which she drove at full speed into the press of fighting men. Her virtues were those of a warlike barbarian king and she claimed the like large liberty in morals.”